What is Mayor Goodman’s Faith Initiative

In the spring of 2012, over 120 faith leaders representing over 70,000 congregants from the Las Vegas Valley houses of worship responded to the Mayor’s invitation to help change the city through Faith in Action.  These faith leaders and executive team members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department joined in table discussions, which identified the following as key community issues affecting their congregations. In order of priority, the issues are:  (1) Addiction, (2) Strengthening the family, (3) Jobs, (4) Education, (5) Homelessness and (6) Human trafficking.

Work groups were then formed in each of these six topic areas; members have been meeting since August 2012 to move ideas into actions.  Monthly discussions include faith leaders, volunteers, representatives from nonprofit organizations and government agencies. These talks have highlighted the importance of including faith leaders as part of the regional efforts underway to address issues affecting our populations. Work groups are developing a strategy to inform, educate and connect faith leaders with key organizations and resources to make them more effective at helping vulnerable individuals and families.

Initiatives are being implemented in each of the six areas.  Read about them under the Work groups Tab to find out about how you can participate.


What’s Happening Now!

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